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Hailed as one of the greatest conductors by famous critics and world-renowned musicians alike, Piero Gamba celebrates his 74th anniversary of concerts: thousands of performances in over 300 cities of 36 countries with 120 symphony orchestras, 7 of which elected him Conductor Ad Honorem for life.

On July 15th, 2016 Maestro Gamba conducted the AUDEM Symphony Orchestra in an historical performance: an extraordinary World Premiere of the correct version of Beethoven's 7th Symphony, whose Vivace movement had suffered a rhythmic aberration for over two centuries.

The President of Uruguay declared the concert an event of National Interest. The Mayor of Montevideo — a city twice elected as the Cultural Capital of Latin America — appointed Maestro Gamba as Illustrious Citizen, and The National Symphony Orchestra also conferred him the title of Conductor Ad Honorem, therefore increasing his long list of international distinctions.

A serious musician since a very early age, he conducted his first concert at the Opera House in Rome when he was 9 years old. Born in Rome in 1936, Mr. Gamba has been appointed honorary director for life of nine symphony orchestras worldwide. Among many honorary distinctions, he was awarded the Arnold Bar Memorial Medal in Great Britain, and his name appears in major music encyclopedias.

He has served as president of juries in various international music competitions and has given piano recitals and played concertos conducting from the keyboard. Maestro Gamba has made numerous recordings with several labels and is a violinist and composer.

Maestro Gamba has extensively taught orchestra conducting at the universities of Adelaide, Melbourne, Manila, Winnipeg and Ann Arbor. He was the Music Director and Conductor of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the National Symphony Orchestra of Uruguay for a combined total of 20 years. Soloists look forward to performing with him. Yehudi Menuhin summarized these feelings on a CBC national broadcast when he said:

"I was never better accompanied. A sheer joy. It was as if I were playing with someone who knew my most secret inclination... There was no burden, no weight on me. I played as freely as I might alone. Incredible!"

When he organized the Greatest Concert in Canadian History, the president of the Association of Canadian Orchestras wrote: "There are many oustanding musicians and artists in Canada, but only one with the capacity to conceive such an idea and the international prestige to accomplish it: Piero Gamba".

In 1964, Maestro Gamba accomplished his dream: "to create a greater spiritual fusion of men through the arts". Together with such international notables as Pablo Casals, Victor de Sabata, Philip Newman, Albert Schweitzer, André Segovia and Igor Stravinsky as founding members, he established Symphonicum Europae. This prestigious organization received the high patronage of Her Majesty, the late Queen Elisabeth of Belgium.

In 1999 he invited a large array of great musicians – exclusively concertmasters and principals – from mayor symphony orchestras around the globe to perform under his baton, an historical version of Beethoven Choral Symphony at New York’s Lincoln Center, (see testimonials under “comments”).

This performance, “The Millennium Gala Concert of the Nations”, was under the High Patronage of dozens of heads of state, The Secretary General of the United Nations and H.H. Pope John Paul II.

Regarding Symphonicum, it has been said that there is probably only one man in the world with the ability to convince such a prestigious assembly to devote their valuable time and energy at no fee for such an extraordinary project. That person is Piero Gamba.